Part A-June 2013

CSIR-UGC National Eligibility Test (NET) for Junior Research Fellowship and Lecturer-ship

Part A


This time CSIR does not allow candidates to carry questions with them. We have collected maximum questions from our candidates (memory based).

1.A 16.2m long wooden log has a uniform diameter of 2m. To what length the log should be cut to obtain a piece of 22 m3 volume ?
The type of interaction between them is

1.   3.5m   2.   7.0m   3.   14.0m   4.   22.0m

Ans: 2
Expln:– Volume of wooden log = 22m3
ie volume of cylinder = 22


2.     What is the last digit of 773 ?

1. 7
2. 9
3. 0.3
4. 1

Ans:- 1


3. A lucky man finds 6 pots of gold coins. He counts the coins in the first four pots to be 60, 30, 20 and 15, respectively. If there is a definite progression, what would be the numbers of coins in the next two pots ?

1.   10 and 5
2.   4 and 2
3.   15 and 15
4.   12 and 10

Ans:- 4


4.A bee leaves its hive in the morning and after flying for 30 minutes due south reaches a garden and spends 5 minutes collecting honey. Then it flies for 40 minutes due west and collects honey in another garden for 10 minutes. Then it returns to the hive taking the shortest route. How long was the bee away from its hive ? (Assume that the bee flies at constant speed).
1. 85 min   2. 155 min   3. 135 min   4. Less than 1 hour

Ans:- 3


5. A bird perched at the top of a 12 m high tree sees a centipede moving towards the base of the tree from a distance equal to twice the height of the tree. The bird flies along a straight line to catch the centipede. If both move at the same speed, at what distance from the base of the tree will the centipede be picked up by the bird ?

1.   16 m
2.   9 m
3.   12 m
4.   14 m

Ans:- 2


6.    An ant goes from A to C in the figure crawling only on the lines and taking the least length of path. The number of ways in which it can do so is.



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