Part B-Dec 2009

CSIR-UGC National Eligibility Test (NET) for Junior Research Fellowship and Lecturer-ship

Some Important Questions Collected from the Memory of Students and Probable Questions and Answers

Previous and Probable Qustions & Answers Paper-1 Part-B December 2009

1. One of the proteins involved in Cancer is Retino- blastoma. The function of Rb is to hold the protein involved in
1. G1 arrest                    2. G1/S promotion
3. DNA repair                 4. Apoptosis
2. The major function of type-III secretion by pathogenic bacetria is
1. Efflux of drugs
2. Release signal for quorum sensing
3. Release virulence factors
4. Release of competence factors
3. In formaldehyde the pure orbitals involved in bonding between C and O is
1. Only C                  2. Both C & O
3. Only O                  4. H, C and O
4. Vinblastin has been extensively used for treating cancer. This is an example of
1. Radiotherapy        2. Chemotherapy
3. Heat therapy         4. Surgery
5. An enzyme has Glu76 and Asp52 at active site. The pl for Glu is 5.6 and for Asp is 4.5. The enzyme function when Glu is in protonated form and Asp in deprotonated form. The pH where enzyme will show maximum activity will be.
1. Write letter           2. Add to numbers
3. Find 9/5                4. Official work
6. Which thermodynamic property cannot be directly measured in cell?
1. Free energy           2. Enthalpy
3. Entropy                 4. Temperature
7. Under what condition reaction will always occur
1. H<0 and S<0         2. H<0 and S>0
3. H>0 and S<0         4. H>0 and S>0

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