Part A-Dec 2015

CSIR-UGC National Eligibility Test (NET) for Junior Research Fellowship and Lecturer-ship

Part A


This time CSIR does not allow candidates to carry questions with them. We have collected maximum questions from our candidates (memory based).

1. A shopkeeper purchases a product for Rs. 100 and sells it making a profit of 10%. The customer resells it to the same shopkeeper incurring a loss of 10%. In these dealings the shopkeeper makes
1.   no profit, no loss
2.   Rs. 11
3.   Re. 1
4.   Rs. 20
Ans: 2
2.  A film projector and microscope give equal magnification. But a film projector is not used to see living cells because
1. a living cell cannot be placed in a film projector.
2. the viewer’s eye is close to a microscope whereas it is far away from the projector’s screen.
3. a microscope produces a virtual image whereas a projector produces a real image.
4. a microscope has greater resolving power than a projector.
A microscope, besides giving a magnified image of the object should give increased resolution also. High magnification is of no use if the resolution is inadequate. The extent to which a microscope can distinguish fine details in the specimen as separate, distinct entity is called its resolution.
3.  Statement A. The following statement is true
Statement B. The preceding statement is false
Choose the correct inference from the following :

1.   Statements A and B are always true
2.   Statements A and B can be true if there is at least one statement between A and B
3.   Statements A and B can be true if there are at least two statements between A and B
4.   Statements A and B can never be true, independently.
Ans:- 3
4. A living cell has a protoplasm which is water based and demarcated by a lipid bilayer membrane. If a cell is pierced up to 1/5th of its diameter with a very sharp needle, after taking the needle out
1.   no effect will be observed.
2.   protoplasm will leak out from the hole made by the needle for a few minutes until the cell heals the wound.
3.   protoplasm will keep on leaking out till the cell is dead.
4.   the cell will burst like a balloon.
Ans:- 1
If a cell membrane is pierced with a very fine needle, the cell will subsequently seal itself.

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